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Carpet Cleaning has been around since the 1800s during the industrial revolution, and the reason is not because it is a luxury but because it is a necessity. As with every aspect of our services, what we offer is not a solution to our problems but a solution to yours. We care about the health of our clients and with every service, we strive to do what we can to help you live a healthier life. Carpet cleaning is a service that can often be misunderstood for doing it solely for looks but it is far more than that.

What comes up must come down, it is the law of gravity. Dust, pollen, and dangerous particles are just a few things that are trapped inside your carpets, and most times people do not even know! You may not know but carpets can act as air filters because they absorb many harmful things in the air, but with that being said, it just means that you need to perform carpet cleaning frequently.

Whether you are in need of residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, or both- we are here to service those needs!

Carpet Cleaning Services FAQ

We understand having a busy schedule and not often having the time to sit and search through endless google pages to find the best service. This benefits you because we did that hard work for you! You should be able to hire a cleaning company and enjoy that one company satisfying most of your cleaning needs. Instead of hiring us and having to look around for other services, we decided to offer them to you. Choosing NG Solutions, you save time and money!

Yes! The technicians performing the work will not be novice and have been doing this for years. NG Solutions is big on education and we like to make sure all our technicians are knowledgeable in their field. There is ongoing training we require to be done to educate and refresh their craft.

Yes! We do encourage grouping the services because it can be more cost-effective for you! The types of services we have chosen to provide were chosen with the intention that you can do more than one job if you would like. Giving your property any TLC it needs, helps maintain a better and well-kept property which in the end benefits you. For example, you can schedule a post-construction cleaning while adding essential services like window cleaning and even floor cleaning. Having the ability to mix and match a variety of services, again saves you time and money!